Underwater Hockey (Octopush) Clubs and Team Information 2016 UK

Introduction To Caversham Underwater Hockey Club

  • For those of you who are new to Octopush / Underwater Hockey, or have found this page by accident while looking for a new and exciting water sport to try.
  • We provide players in the Henley (Oxfordshire), Caversham, Newbury and Reading (Berkshire) areas with the opportunity to try this exciting 3D underwater sport.
  • To play the game of Underwater Hockey you need a mask, snorkel, fins (flippers), protective glove, a small stick and a lead puck.
  • So if you looking for the ultimate keep fit sport (swimming with a purpose) then come along and have a go.
  • We can help you out with all the snorkelling equipment until you are sure you like the game.
  • All you need to bring is your swimwear and a pair of old socks.
  • Most of us will be found unwinding after a match or a club night session in a nearby pub !!
  • Underwater hockey is probably one of the most exciting sports that you can play.
  • We provide swimmers, divers, water polo and beginners the chance to try this exciting team water sport.
  • It gives you the 3D sense of floating through air... even though you are underwater.

Caversham Underwater Hockey - Give it a try

  • Queen Annes School Swimming Pool
  • Tuesdays 20:45-22:00 (Every week)
  • Thursdays 20:45-22:00 (Every week) - best session for newbies


  • Diving Mask - Preferably with two seperate lenses
  • Snorkel - allow quick breaths to be taken
  • Pool Fins - Fast flexible fins for maximun manoeuvrability
  • Swimming costume / Trunks
  • Pusher - Short Stick allowing puck to be flicked
  • Puck - lead puck coated in rubber and teflon style discs allowing passes of several metres
  • Old Socks - prevents fins rubbing
  • Old Glove - prevents tiles rubbing knuckles
  • Gulley - two long goals

Caversham Underwater Hockey Club Info

Facebook - Underwater Hockey Cavershams Wild Side 2016

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